Fred and Rose Distenfeld New Jersey NCSY Chesed Missions

About our Leadership Chessed Missions:

For the past twelve years, New Jersey NCSY has taken almost eighty groups of the finest teens on our Leadership Training Missions to cities in need all across the country. Our established Leadership Training Missions educate our teens about the importance of Chessed and Tikkun Olam. By engaging in meaningful volunteer service, participants learn about the Jewish value of responsibility and helping our fellow human beings in a time of need.

New Jersey NCSY is the number one youth organization for disaster relief missions and we are constantly receiving requests from communities for help. Our Leadership Training Missions have been meeting these needs across the country from Texas to Minnesota and Buffalo to Atlanta. While volunteering, teens work hands-on with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, South East Recovery, Hike For Katrina, Nechama, and Green Light, working to construct and repair buildings and homes as well as the lives of their inhabitants.

For more information or to sponsor a teen or an entire mission, please call us at 201.862.0250. Together we can create a community for future leaders who care about making the world a better place. 


Past Missions:

TABC New Orleans 2006

TABC Texas 2008

TABC Atlanta 2009

Kushner New Orleans 2009

Chapter Board Buffalo 2010

TABC Minnesota 2010

Kushner New Orleans 2010

Kushner New Orleans 2011

TABC Nashville 2011

Chapter Board Buffalo 2011

Frisch New Orleans 2011

Maayanot Minnesota 2011

TABC Hoboken 2012

L.E.A.D Buffalo 2012

Maayanot New Orleans 2012

Frisch Alabama 2012

Kushner New Orleans 2012

Englishtown New Orleans 2013

Maayanot New Orleans 2013

Frisch Texas 2013

Maayanot New Orleans 2014

L.E.AD. Buffalo 2014

TABC Detroit 2014

Englishtown New Orleans 2014

Bergen County High School Jewish Studies New Orleans 2014

Maayanot Omaha 2015

MTA Detroit 2015

Frisch New Orleans April 2015

L.E.A.D Buffalo 2015

TABC New Orleans 2015

Frisch New Orleans November 2015

Metro West New Orleans 2016

Ma’ayanot New Orleans 2016

Frisch Omaha 2016

Frisch Detroit/Windsor 2016

Ma’ayanot Houston 2016

Emergency Mission to Baton Rouge, LA 2016

LEAD Buffalo 2016

TABC Houston 2016

Ma’ayanot Charleston 2016

Frisch New Orleans 2016

Frisch Charleston 2017

MTA Omaha 2017

BCHSJS New Orleans 2017

Ma’ayanot New Orleans 2017

Metro West Houston 2017

JEC Detroit/Windsor 2017

Frisch New Orleans 2017

Frisch Nashville 2017

Emergency Chessed Mission to Houston – September 2017

Heichal Houston 2017

Frisch Houston 2017

Bruriah Houston 2017

LEAD Buffalo 2017

MTA Houston 2017

NJ NCSY Houston 2017

Frisch New Orleans 2017

TABC Houston 2017

Ma’ayanot Charleston 2017

Bruriah New Orleans 2017

JEC Houston 2018


Ma’ayanot NOLA 2018 (Feb)

Metro West Nashville 2018

Frisch Charleston 2018

Ma’ayanot NOLA 2018 (April)

Frisch Puerto Rico 2018

NJ NCSY Puerto Rico 2018 (June)

NJ NCSY Puerto Rico 2018 (August)

Bruriah Houston 2018

JEC Houston 2018

Metro West Puerto Rico 2018

Frisch Houston 2018

Ma’ayanot Freshmen Houston 2018

NJ & NY NCSY Father/Son Chessed Mission 2018

Bruriah NOLA 2019

NCSY/JSU + Ma’ayanot NOLA 2019

BCHSJS Charleston 2019

Fair Lawn High/TABC Puerto Rico 2019

Ma’ayanot/Yachad NOLA 2019

Frisch Detroit/Windsor 2019

Frisch NOLA 2019

Frisch Puerto Rico 2019