West Orange

Welcome to the West Orange NCSY Chapter!
Here at West Orange NCSY, we have an array of different programs offered. Our programs range from Shabbat Onegs, weeknight events, or after school clubs in the local schools.
Join us at our home almost every Friday night for a Shabbat Oneg! Usually our onegs are located at our home, 36 Hooper Avenue in West Orange.
Every Thursday from 515-615pm we run “Mishmar” at Kushner High School where high schoolers can learn and enjoy a catered dinner every week. This program is open to all students regardless of their attended school.
Almost every other week we run a Jewish Student Union club at West Orange High School for our local high schoolers! We bring pizza, other snacks too, and learn about our Jewish heritage!
If you’re interested in getting involved at all or have any questions, please reach out to Alexandra, hermana@ncsy.org, or Levi, hermanl@ncsy.org. Join our Whatsapp group for specific updates on our weekly events!
We look forward to having you a part of our chapter!
Alexandra & Levi Herman
West Orange City Directors