East Brunswick

Welcome to East Brunswick!

In East Brunswick we run Shabbat events, weeknight events, and local after school clubs.

Join us for an Friday Night Lights Shabbaton featuring a delicious Friday night dinner, an Oneg Shabbat with friends, an engaging Saturday afternoon learning program and an Inspirational program as shabbat ebbs away!

Ice Cream and Inspiration programs take place twice a month at Cold Stone on Ryders Lane from 7:30pm-9pm. Join us for a thought provoking discussion, a good time with other high school students, and some ice cream!

Once a month we run a Jewish Students Union program in EBHS for all of our peers in the local public school. We eat pizza and talk about our Jewish heritage. Reach out to get involved!

Feel free to contact us at ZuckerA@ncsy.org or ZuckerR@ncsy.org for more specifics on any events.

Looking forward to meeting you!
Rebecca and Ari Zucker
East Brunswick City Coordinators

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