JLNJ: Bruriah Student Judith Wechter Wins Torah Bowl Girls Division

Posted on October 3, 2019

Bruriah Student Judith Wechter Wins Torah Bowl Girls Division

October 3rd, 2019

Judith Wechter, Bruriah Class of 2020, has been named the Torah Bowl girls division champion. Wechter, a resident of Bergen County, participated in Sunday’s NCSY annual inter-school Torah Bowl competition as part of the Orthodox Union’s Torah New York. She competed against seven final contestants after over 100 students submitted their candidacy for the competition. Wechter expressed her excitement to be able to “compete in a Torah-focused competition” and said it was “a surreal experience.”

Rabbi Moshe Benovitz, managing director of NCSY, shared that “NCSY is especially proud of its partner institutions and most accomplished practitioners of Torah learning participating in NCSY’s Torah Bowl. The contestants and winners have committed themselves to the powerful Jewish values of continuity and unity. Our winners were a strong example of that and it was an honor to watch participants reach the accomplishments of taking Torah learning seriously.”

Rabbi Oratz, principal of Bruriah High School, mentioned that “Judith’s passion for learning Torah and her excitement about living Torah are all extensions of Judith’s love of Torah overall. She embodies everything that Bruriah stands for.”

Bruriah was abuzz on Monday morning with pride in Wechter and her peers, as well as in celebration of all Bruriah participants from Sunday’s event. The NCSY annual inter-school Torah Bowl at Torah New York is a great opportunity to showcase learning and connect with peers in Jewish unity and Bruriah was honored to participate.